Instructions for collecting and using Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) Alumni ID Card

1. The purposes of XJTLU Alumni ID

To better serve alumnus, to maintain and enhance the relationship between the alumnus, the alumnus and the Alma Mater, the Alma Mater has specially launched the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Alumni ID Card (refer to as Alumni ID) which only belongs to XJTLUer. Alumni ID remains most of the functions of School ID with both memorable and practical functions.

(1) Sound alumni culture system and build XJTLU alumni brand.

(2) Strengthen the emotional communication between alumni and Alma Mater through this effective carrier - Alumni ID.

(3) Gather power of alumnus; integrate alumni resources, aggregate more resources and power for the development of the Alma Mater.

2. The group Alumni ID oriented

XJTLU Alumni ID is specific to every alumni of XJTLU.

3. The main function of Alumni ID

(1) Alumni identity certification

(2) Campus resources

(3) The functions of Suzhou Citizen Card

4. Specific methods

(1) 2016 graduates: [4+X graduates]can collect cards at CB226 according to the arrangement of Leaving Procedures; [2+X graduates]can collect them on graduation ceremony day;

(2) 2010-2015 B.S. & M.S. : [return to school to collect] can collect Alumni ID at 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 on workdays at CB226;

(3) PhD graduates, transfer students and dropout and short-course alumnus: Please send your Chinese name, English surname, English first name, school ID (e.g. san.zhang07), ID Number, email, experiences in XJTLU, personal ID No., mail address and consignee No. to to apply for making the card. You will be informed by email to collect after it is printed.

(4) Post register of Alumni ID: Please send an email to to get an post-registration application form. Fill out the form and submit it. You will be informed by email to collect after it is printed.

(5) Lost: Alumni ID can only be used in person. It is not allowed to be lent to anyone else. If you lost your card, please send an email to to apply for reporting the loss and replacing it. After the new card is printed, the function of entrance control of the old card will disappear automatically.

(6) Mail service: If you are not convenient to collect the card in person, you can send your name, ID No. (selective), email, undergraduate/postgraduate, graduation year, major, personal identity No., consignee, mail address and consignee phone number to to apply for mailing. After the identity is certificated, Alumni Office will mail your cards through Shunfeng Express Package (pay the delivery fee yourselves) to you.

If there is any question, please call (86)0512-88161865